Growing from adversity

glolab opens up the future with its own power
A community that supports young people with foreign roots.
Aiming for young people with foreign roots to be socially and economically independent
We are engaged in the following three activities.


activity 1.

get to knowLearn more

~Think about My Future~

Let's learn by watching the videos. What do you want to do after graduating from high school? What happened to those who have lived the same experience before you?
You can learn from videos about universities, vocational schools, money, and status of residence.

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activity 2.

join・connectConnect/Ask for Advice

~Meet your friends, learn together~

You can talk to high school students with foreign roots,
university students and professionals who have had the same experience.
Your future might be changed by meeting various people!

Join the glolab activities! Join the glolab activities! Join the glolab activities!

  • You can study with your friends online.
  • Participate in workshops
    planned by university students and professionals.
  • You can talk with professionals
    about your career path and employment.

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activity 3.

check・consultDiagnose yourself

~Check your status of residence and consult a lawyer~

Do you know your status of residence?
It is very important to confirm your status of residence when choosing a career path. Answer the questions first and find out about your status of residence.

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Magazine glolab Magazine

We deliver a variety of reading materials such as the "life history" of people with roots in foreign countries,
who have powerfully opened up their lives and columns written by glolab's representatives.

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