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“What do I want to do after graduating from high school?”
“I have dreamsbut I don’t know how to start” or
“Is my situation different from my Japanese friends?”,do you have such doubts?
The videos feature how to prepare for your career path
and information required for going on to university or vocational school in a way that is easy to understand.

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prepare Learn how to prepare

We will show you how to prepare for your next stage in the videos so that you can choose your own path.


There are 3 steps to take!

While watching the 3-step video
Let’s prepare withthe help of those around us!

  1. step1 Find tipsto live your own life
  2. step
  3. step2 Find who
    you want to be
  4. step
  5. step3 Repeat reflection and trial
Start to learn

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Theme Lean by theme

There are many different paths you can take after high school.
Watch this video to understand the surrounding situation
and the society by watching this video and broaden your future possibilities.

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Go on to university or vocational school

What do you want to study in a university or a vocational school? How do you research schools? In the video, we explain how to prepare for entrance exams and how to gain a scholarship, introducing the real-life experiences of those who have been where you are now.

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How do you choose the job you want to do or the company you want to work for? What should you be careful with when visiting companies or taking job interviews? How should you research jobs or companies? What should you wear or what manners should you follow in company tours or job interviews? What points should you see when visiting companies? We provide tips for such questions. The video introduce professions your predecessors are actually in, such as electrical worker, programmer and cabin attendant.

Pick Up3

Status of residence and financial restrictions

Depending on your status of residence, the number of hours you can work part-time may be limited, or you may not be able to work at all. A lawyer gives careful explanations in the video.

Pick Up4

The stories of your predecessors

In the video, we introduce the stories of professionals with immigrant backgrounds who had no idea what they wanted to do after graduating from high school. There may be stories of “failures and successes” that are relevant to your career planning and they may help you find tips on how to overcome challenges.