Answer the questions and get to
know your situation correctly!

Diagnose yourself Check

Diagnose yourself

glolab will help you find answers to the questions and concerns you may have about your school life, careers and your status of residence, etc.

It is very important for you to know what is required to be qualified to get a job or go on to the next stage of education and confirm your status of residence. There are cases where you are not qualified because of your residence status.
We have set up a tool that immediately tells you if your residence status is such that allows you to get a full-time job or part-time job, and tells you what are the requirements for a job or the next stage of education. All you need to do is to answer 10 questions on LINE.
Answer the questions and understand your situation. You can consult our staff and lawyers based on the result of diagnosis..
Please feel free to try it out.

The self-diagnosis tool will help you understand….

The self-diagnosis tool will help you understand….

*This self-diagnosis tool was created under the supervision of a volunteer group composed of experts including lawyers familiar with the Residency management system, social workers familiar with immigration practice, and high school teachers familiar with university entrance exam systems.

※This service is scheduled to be available in January 2021.

Consult Consult


You want to talk to somebody but you don’t know who to consult with and don’t know what to do? You can consult with our staff about anything including your residence status, family, carrier, school life and part-time job on a one-on-one basis.

What we can do? What glolab can do

point 1 glob will provide information that immigrant youths need.
Our staff who are familiar with matters that concern immigrant youths such as residence status and scholarships will support you.
point 2 glob will introduce you to experts.
We can connect you to experts such as lawyers who support our activities on more complex issues such as status of residence.
point 3 glob encourages you to participate our programs.
glolab offers programs that support your career, such as “Career seminar” to think about your future and “Online learning support room”. Please tell us what you need. We will introduce you to programs that suit your needs.

Our promise Our promisses

How to Consult How to consult

Consult on LINE
Please add us as your friend on LINE and send us a message explaining your problem. We will send you a response within 48 hours.
Consult in person
Please add us as your friend on LINE and make a reservation for a face-to-face consultation.
If you need an interpreter, we can arrange one for you.
Also if you live in the Tokyo metropolitan area, we can visit you for consultation. Place of face-to-face consultation: glolab office (Shinjuku, Tokyo) We do not offer telephone consultations.
You can sign up for the event by logging into LINE
Participate in the event

Please read “Terms of Use” before you participate.