Co-founder, Representative director Chiho Shibayama Co-founder, Representative directorChiho Shibayama
Born in Aichi prefecture. Shibayama first learned about immigrant children when she met unschooled children in a residential district where a large Japanese-Brazilian population resides. After working full time for a semiconductor manufacturer, she started working with a non-profit organization that helps immigrant children to enter high school in Japan and she has become a Japanese language instructor, engaged in consultations for career planning and Japanese language education at an organization that supports refugees. She enjoys Salsa dancing and music.
Co-founder, Vice-representative director Hiroshi Kageyama Co-founder, Vice-representative directorHiroshi Kageyama
Kageyama was born in China and emigrated to Japan when he was 6, and he was brought up in Tochigi prefecture. After finishing high school, Kageyama studied mechanical engineering at a university and measured in technology management at a graduate school. He was engaged in the operation of a non-governmental organization that supports immigrant children, and that has become Kageyama’s life work. He is now engaged in planning strategies for overseas business of a manufacturer. His hobbies are reading, camping, mountain climbing and backpacking.
Coordinator Carlos Uemura CoordinatorCarlos Uemura
Uemura was born in Peru and moved to Japan when he was in the second year of junior high school. Uemura found a job that he loves, while working part-time for he was going through severe financial situations. Now he works for a travel agency, as a bridge that connects Japan and Peru. He is the representative of a non-profit organization, “AMIGO PROJECT” that he has established with his Peruvian friends. He also appears in Japanese TV shows such as “Sekai kurabete Mitara”, a TBS variety show that features cultures of different countries.
Coordinator Mika Hitomi CoordinatorMika Oyama
Her area of expertise is Japanese language education for foreign youths. While she mainly works as a coordinator for Japanese language education at a municipal board of education, she gives Japanese language classes and Japanese language teacher training courses at institutions of elementary, secondary and higher education. She assists those who learn Japanese language, from elementary school students to high school students. Her hobby is watching comedies and classical performing arts. She is now learning how to cook.
Coordinator Pham CoordinatorPham
Pham was born in a refugee camp in the Philippines and was raised in Gunma prefecture. She majored in Social welfare in New York after finishing high school. Using her knowledge as a career consultant, she now specializes in supporting individual career development and skill development at corporations and organizations, planning and operating programs. Her hobbies are cooking, walking and gardening.
Coordinator Shu Li CoordinatorShu Li
Li was born in China and emigrated to Japan when she was 12. She attended junior high school and high school in Tokyo, and now she studies the theme of regions and farming villages at Hokkaido University. Her personal motto is “Que sera sera”. At glolab, she is in charge of planning and executing events for high school students. Her hobbies are eating and making delicious things.
Developer Ryoya Ozaki DeveloperRyoya Ozaki
After working at a major company as a system engineer, Ozaki is now engaged in the operation and development of systems at a venture company. He takes charge of the operation and development of systems at glolab. His hobbies are Kendo (4th-dan, now taking a break to take care of his children) and writing a blog ( about engineering stuff. He is recently into technologies such as AWS and Terraform.
WEB Director Shiho Kageyama WEB DirectorShiho Kageyama
After working for a pharmaceutical company and an apparel company, Kageyama directs the website of glolab. She sincerely hopes that the website can make a difference, even a tiny bit, in the lives of those high school students who visit glolab’s website. Her hobbies are Yoga and camping.
 Administration, Accounting Torii Administration, AccountingTorii
Torii is in charge of administration and accounting for glolab, taking advantage of her experience in back office work at a venture company.
Auditor Takashi Ito AuditorTakashi Ito
Ito has worked as a board member of a major manufacturer and is now engaged in Japanese language education. He is both the auditor and management adviser of glolab. Ito feels the activities of glolab may help solve the labor shortage situations of Japan, caused by the declining working-age population in the future.