Career support workshop held at Tokyo Metropolitan Rokugo Technical High School.

 The fourth career workshop at Tokyo Metropolitan Rokugo Technical High School was held under the theme of “Looking Back on the Year.



■ Date: Wednesday, December 15, 2021
■ Workshop Title: “First Steps: A Review of the Year”
■ Speakers: Non-profit organization glolab
          Representative Director Shibayama
          Coordinator Pham
■ Participants: Students of Rokugo Technical High School
■ Number of participants: 6
■ Lecture format: Face-to-face class
■ Aims:
 1. to notice their own changes and growth by reflecting on what they have done well this year
 2. to raise students’ sense of self-affirmation and self-efficacy by recognizing each other’s changes and growth
 3. to feel more positive about their future school life



With the help of their teachers, the students were asked to write down what they had done this year as homework on a worksheet before the workshop.

During the workshop, the students were divided into groups of three, and the coordinators presented their own approaches to (1) through (3) below, and then the students were asked to make presentations as well.

(1) What was the first thing you tried this year?
(2) What did you do well this year?
(3) What did you become able to do this year?

From the presentations of the students, we could see that they are challenging themselves to do various things while experiencing various things every day, such as working hard on the JLPT, working hard at part-time jobs, and enjoying playing sports with their friends.

We were also impressed by the smiles on their faces as they talked about their hard work.

In addition, the students asked us to work with them again next year, and we could feel the psychological distance between the students and me getting closer through the four workshops we have held this year.


Report by Pham and Shibayama