Terms of use Terms of use

Please be sure to read the terms of use before you start using it.

Career Seminar / Learning Support Room

Be careful when participating
1)High school students with foreign roots can participate for free.

2)The copyright and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights and publicity rights and all other rights of online events belong to glolab or the third party who owns each right.

3)The user is responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of the devices and communication environment required for the online event, and the costs required for these. Depending on the usage environment, all or part of the online event may not be available.

4) I agree not to do the following. Also, if the following is happening, it may become unavailable.
・Providing a third party with the URL link for an online event.
・Recording, recording, editing, redistributing, selling, falsifying, modifying, redistributing, and selling various contents.
・Use this service for commercial purposes.

5)Online events may end without notice.

6)Online events use “Zoom”. Please install.

About trouble
We are not responsible for any damage caused by troubles (including injuries, illnesses, accidents, thefts, etc.) that are not intentional or negligent of glolab.

About taking photos / videos and acquiring personal information
1)The information obtained by glolab may be used by a third party who has been entrusted with it.

2)At online events, glolab staff may take pictures and videos.

3) We may consent to the shooting and use these photos and videos for PR etc. without permission.

LINE diagnostic sheet / individual consultation terms of use

About the diagnostic sheet
1)The diagnosis result is to know your situation. It does not solve the problem. It also does not determine your own future or course.

2) If you have any questions or consultations regarding the diagnosis results, please use LINE consultation or face-to-face consultation.

3)The copyright of the diagnostic sheet is owned by glolab.

4)It is strictly prohibited to copy, use, rewrite, or reprint the diagnostic results of the diagnostic sheet on the Internet without the permission of glolab. However, this does not apply to private use.

About LINE consultation
1)The target of this consultation is the status of residence, school life, family, part-time job, and career path for young people with foreign roots (mainly from 15 to 24 years old). We will listen to your concerns and support you.

2)We will reply to you within 48 hours after receiving the LINE consultation, but it may be delayed depending on the circumstances of the counselor. In some cases, we may recommend an interview consultation.

3) If we determine that the content of the consultation is beyond the scope of glolab, we may refer you to another organization or institution.

4)We cannot respond to consultations that are judged to be ethically problematic, consultations that are not appropriate according to social norms, or contents that are not considered to be consultations. We do not guarantee support that meets your needs. However, we will accept consultations for those who are in trouble because they do not have a status of residence.

5) The advice and information provided by the counselor does not guarantee that your situation will improve. glolab does not take any responsibility for the consultation result. Please judge and use at your own risk.

6) If the counselor determines that the consultation has been completed, the consultation may be terminated by request.

7) Please do not spread the content of the consultation on social media or reprint it on the Internet.

8)glolab records the content of the consultation and the advice and information provided by the counselor.

9)glolab will not give any personal information, consultation content, advice or information provided by glolab counselors to anyone other than glolab counselors. However, the following cases are excluded.

・ If you want to continue consultation by introducing to other organizations or institutions with your consent
If you decide that you are in danger of life or being involved in a crime, and as an emergency measure, you need to contact the police or child guidance center with your personal information and consultation details.
・Personal information and consultation contents that can identify individuals for the purpose of expanding the ability of glolab to respond to consultations, improving technology and activities for that purpose, disseminating information and raising problems through policy proposals, media, etc., and notifying by e-mail newsletter, etc. When using a part of the consultation content after lying down completely