Participants Wanted: Mirai Challenge Program 2022

glolab plans and implements the “Mirai (Future) Challenge Program,” a program for young people between the ages of 15 and 20 with immigrant background, which gives them the ability to expand their horizons, think about the future, and take on new challenges.

This program is a new attempt of “young people with immigrant background x local community x career education,” and is designed to create a place to learn about diverse lifestyles and values in cooperation with members of society and organizations in Urahoro Town, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido, which is making pioneering efforts in next-generation education.

Although we were forced to implement the program online in 2021, which took place at the COVID-19, the participating middle and high school students participated in the program in a positive manner and showed tremendous growth.

Urahoro camp is a “meeting with diverse ideas + real experience” that could not be realized in 2021, and we want to make it happen this year!

We are now accepting applications for the “Mirai Challenge Program 2022”.

Program Details

■ Schedule

 June 26: Preliminary study (online/face-to-face at Tokyo)
 August: 3-day/2-night camp (Urahoro, Tokachi-gun, Hokkaido)
 October: Post-program study [1] (online/face-to-face @ Tokyo)
 December: Post-study [2] (online/face-to-face @ Tokyo)

■ Program Contents

 June Preliminary study – Nice to meet you!
  ❖Let’s get to know ourselves and our friends
  ❖What kind of town is Urahoro?

 August: Training camp -Let’s learn about and think about future work and lifestyle.
  ❖Experience new and interesting jobs in Urahoro
  ❖Exchange with Urahoro’s junior high and high school students and adults

 October: Post-program study [1] -Let’s think about the future.
  ❖What do you like? What are you good at? What do you want to be?
  ❖Who I will be in 10 years

 December: Post-program learning [2] -Conclusion
  ❖Online exchange meeting
  ❖Online presentation

■ Application Details

【Application Period】 Sunday, April 24, 2022 – Tuesday, May 31, 2022 (23:59)
【Number of applicants】 10 people
【Participation Fee】 5,000 yen
【Application】 Please apply using the following Google Form or by scanning the QR code.

We hope that many of you will join us.