Free Consultation LINE Service Launched for High School Students with immigrant background started

Non-profit organization glolab has been working since 2018 with the aim of providing career education and creating a community for young people with immigrant background. We see adversities such as language barriers and barriers to employment and higher education as opportunities for them to grow, and we aim to create an environment where young people with immigrant background can choose their career path with a sense of conviction.

Young people with immigrant background, especially high school students, face unique challenges in choosing a career path, such as status of residence. On the other hand, there are cases where parents are not familiar with the Japanese education system or employment, and there is no one they can consult with.

In order to create a place where high school students can feel free to ask for help, glolab will start a free individual counseling service for high school students with immigrant background on February 1, 2021, using LINE, which is frequently used by young people.

Through this project, we aim to accompany high school students with immigrant background who are worried about their career paths, school life, part-time jobs, status of residence, family issues, etc., but are unable to talk to someone about them, and to help them solve their problems.

Free Consultation on LINE Overview

■Consultation on LINE:
 You can send the contents of your consultation via LINE. In some cases, you can also use LINE video calls. An interpreter is also available.
■Face-to-face consultation:
 You can use LINE to book individual face-to-face consultations at the glolab office. Interpreters are also available if needed, and consultations can be held outside the office in Tokyo.
■Supported Fields: Status of residence, school life, family issues, career concerns, etc.
 ・Support from glolab staff who have a deep understanding of young people with immigrant background. Information is provided according to each student’s situation.
 ・For cases that require specialized knowledge such as status of residence, you can be connected to a specialist through glolab.
■Target People:
 High school students and young adults with immigrant background
■Target Area:
 Nationwide (for face-to-face meetings, you must be in Tokyo)

For more information, please visit the following link.

This project is supported by the Japan Center for International Exchange (JCIE) under the ” Foreign Roots Youth Future Creation Project ” program.