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We will deliver a variety of reading materials in "glolab Magazine", such as the "Life History" of those with immigrant backgrounds who have strived and opened up a new life powerfully in Japan as well as columns written by the representatives.

pickup Vol.013

It was a natural choice for me to start a business.


Mr. Albert Okamura Mr. Albert Okamura ha...

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Keep pursuing the job that is suitable to you


Alberto Diaz When children with immigran...

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Want to create a “community” where participants can learn from each other and support each other’s growth

column lifehistory

 In 2017, I worked as an organizing comm...

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Want to create a multicultural community younger generations can learn from each other!

column lifehistory

I moved to Tochigi prefecture with my mo...

pickup Vol.09

Living Flexibly Beyond Borders


Shiyon Yoshida What kind of feelings chi...

pickup Vol.08

Keep challenging to find answers to various problems


Moana After graduating from junior high ...

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If you live as you are now, you will be happy


Paing and Pyae They are twins and came t...

pickup Vol.06

I didn’t want to beat myself up


Nagif Came to Japan from Peru in the sec...

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Using my own roots as a strength to open up my own possibilities


Pham Pham was born in a refugee camp in ...

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Carving out a career in Japan with Peruvian pride in mind


Carlos Uemura His parents divorced when ...