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We will deliver a variety of reading materials in "glolab Magazine", such as the "Life History" of those with immigrant backgrounds who have strived and opened up a new life powerfully in Japan as well as columns written by the representatives.

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Find out for yourself what you are good at that others don’t.


There is a company called Crono that pro...

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Turning Complexes into Power for Positive Living


 As if foreshadowing a story, various pa...

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Accept differences from others positively rather than feeling sorry.


 Evelyn Mawuli is a central player ...

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A 30-minute train ride away, there is another world. Be curious and take on new challenges.


Life can sometimes change for the better...

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Experts comments on glolab’s issue analysis and the theory of change for the career development support for young people with immigrant background.


Introduction glolab has honored to recei...

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If you try everything, you will find what you want to do and where you want to be.


 Living in a foreign country with a diff...

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Don’t think that you can’t do it because you’re a foreigner, but pursue your dreams.


Yukimi Miyagi Yukimi Miyagi grew up in H...

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It was a natural choice for me to start a business.


Mr. Albert Okamura Mr. Albert Okamura ha...

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Keep pursuing the job that is suitable to you


Alberto Diaz When children with immigran...

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Want to create a “community” where participants can learn from each other and support each other’s growth


 In 2017, I worked as an organizing comm...