Information: NEWDOOR Entrance Exam Preparation Program

Career program with financial support for entrance exams for higher education institutions – Outline

 glolab has established a project to provide a one-year career program that helps immigrant youths to improve their ability to collect information and money literacy so that they can form themselves autonomously, and to provide a financial support necessary for entrance exams for higher education institutions.
This program will be open to five 2nd-year high school students with financial difficulties to take entrance exams for higher education institutions, who hold residence statuses such as dependent and official (as of April 2022).
The reality is that there are many obstacles to be overcome for students with such residence statuses with limited opportunities for scholarships for higher education institutions for example. glolab supports high school students with immigrant backgrounds, who take initiatives to overcome various challenges they face and pave their way for their lives more proactively.
This is a project that supports high school students who aim to go on to higher education institutions and take entrance exams so that they can stand on their own feet in the future.


  ・A student who has difficulties to receive scholarships and financial support, etc. due to his or her residence statuses such as dependent and official.
  ・A student who can in all of the events of the one-year career program.
  ・A student in the second year of senior high school or equivalent, planning to take entrance exams for higher education institutions as of April 1, 2022.
  ・The total income or the total net income of the household (caregivers such as parents)is below the limit.

  A total income below the limit in table (1) in the case of a household with salary income and pension income only, or table (2) in the case of a household with business income, miscellaneous income, etc.
Whether or not the income requirement is met shall be confirmed based on the latest inhabitant tax certificate. If your residence status is official, etc. and your guardian such as parents are not obliged to pay tax, please obtain a proof of income from your employer, and submit it. In addition, if your family’s income has dropped drastically in fiscal 2021 due to the covid-19 pandemic, etc., please also submit salary certificates, certificate of income and withholding tax, etc. that show the annual income.


(1) A one-year career program will be provided.

Schedule will be announced once dates are fixed, however, each activity will be conducted on the 2nd Sunday of each month in principle.

(2) glolab will provide a financial support for the following two purposes to those who participate in the one-year career program. (Up to 100000 yen.)

   I. Entrance exam fees for higher education institutions.
   II. Transportation and accommodation expenses related to the entrance exams.
   III. Part of the admission fee for the higher education institution

(3) glolab will provide free online study support to improve writing skills and basic academic skills necessary for entrance exam for higher education institutions about once a week.

Number to be admitted

・About 5 persons

Selection method

・An oral interviews by our directors, responsible coordinators, and parties involved.

How to apply

・Please submit the Google form.

Upon submission of the Google form, glolab will send information where documents should be submitted and method of application by e-mail individually.

Application Deadline

・Monday, February 28, 2022 → The application period will be extended until Tuesday, March 15, 2022.